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Why you need PGE?


From our perspective the downstream end of a web press is a land of opportunity. We find few printers who are not concerned by the difficulty of finding and retaining qualified workers. Add to that the probability that web press joggers are probably the least senior, least motivated and least loyal people in the shop.

Having said this we must recognize that these stacker crews and their stacking equipment are often the pacing elements of the large, expensive, sophisticated and productive web press cost centers. We sometimes find press rooms with idle “joggers” watching press crews complete their make-readies only to find minutes later that the press is run far below optimum speed due to “maxed out” joggers? How often do worn stacker/bundler devices jam or miss a bundle strap shutting down the press system?

Increasingly we are reminded by OSHA and state organizations of the frequency and severity of hand, wrist, arm and back injuries connected with jogging and brick or bundle handling?

Large publication, insert and catalog operations are usually forced by sheer tonnage to pay attention to stacker/bundler performance and automation. Our focus is on the smaller publication and commercial printer with diverse formats and run lengths and generally slower press equipment. By working with older, often deteriorated stacking/bundling equipment many of these printers are "spilling" productivity and money.

If all of this is grim news, the good news is that restoring and enhancing tired stacker equipment is relatively inexpensive and offers high payback in financial and human resource terms. Contact us to find out how we can help you and your company.



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